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EarthTouch Therapeutic Massage

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Whether you are seeking pain management or simply relaxation, EarthTouch Therapeutic Massage blends a unique combination of eastern and western-inspired healing practices into a comprehensive treatment to facilitate a natural state of balance – giving your body the opportunity to heal and deeply relax.

Myofascial Release

Lengthen muscle tissue

Table Thai Massage

Asian Deep Tissue Massage

Ashiatsu Barefoot Massage

Oriental Bar Therapy

Hot Stone Therapy

Warmed basalt stones

Eastern Therapies

Acupressure, Chinese Cupping, and more

Prenatal Massage

Gentle massage during your pregnancy

My wife and I are committed to doing the right things to stay healthy. We feel that our monthly massages are a critical part of our program. I have had some back problems and I depend on EarthTouch’s healing touch to work in conjunction with my chiropractor.


I consider regularly working with EarthTouch a vital part of my total health care. Whether maintaining overall well being, or to target an injury, I have had years of holistic body balance thanks to their exceptional skills as healers  and educators of my body awareness.


The Buddha says do no harm. He must have been thinking about massage. It does not harm, it heals. EarthTouch does not lecture, they encourage and set a true example.