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EarthTouch massage in Sunriver, OR

EarthTouch is a preferred provider (Tier 1) for St Charles employees. We are in network with First Choice, Regence, & Pacific Source. We

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ET Worksops


EarthTouch welcomes Mike Lane, DC  November 7th & December 7th 9:30-11:30 am for an in depth look at the iliospoas, adductors, pelvic ligaments, and feet. 4 CEUs–$120


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We’re growing!



We’re thrilled to announce we are officially open in our new Sunriver office.




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Ama Vida Retreat


Ama Vida Retreat offers the experience of a lifetime with an all-inclusive Yoga and Surf retreat package. Located along the coastline of Southern Nicaragua, our retreat offers the ideal setting for catching waves, clearing the

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