EarthTouch’s healing philosophy centers around an east meets west, more holistic approach to wellbeing, through a fusion of advanced massage techniques from around the world.

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Our massage therapists are well practiced in a number of modalities, or therapeutic massage methods. You can view a list of the modalities that we specialize in with more detailed descriptions of each.

A laid back, holistic demeanor, matched with exemplary professionalism makes the experience with EarthTouch truly amazing.  The results are fantastic
Camille H.,
asian massage at EarthTouch

Our Team

Hannah Reed
Hannah ReedOwner
Hannah Reed, the owner of EarthTouch, is certified in Therapeutic Massage graduating from the Advanced Massage Program of Bend Oregon. Specializing in neuromuscular therapy working with acute and chronic pain patterns especially involving nerve intervention. Her work is deep and focuses on complex dysfunctions of the connective tissue or deep muscle layers of our anatomy. She utilizes Thai massage, Ashiatsu Barefoot Massage, and a blend of other modalities to achieve freedom of pain and nerve impingement. Hannah has 13 years of practice and she focuses her mastered art of the trade and as a mentor for the ETM team and no longer accepts clients.
Marissa Bauer
Marissa BauerBend
Marissa M. Bauer has been practicing therapeutic bodywork and massage since 2006. She has studied extensively at the University of Oregon, Breema Center, and Boulder College of Massage Therapy. Along with her massage licence she is also a Breema bodywork practitioner and an Ashtanga yoga teacher.

Marissa attended and graduated from Boulder College of Massage Therapy as a certified massage therapist in 2008. While at BCMT, her education focused on, but was not limited to, orthopedic, sports, and prenatal massage, incorporating aspects of Swedish massage, shiatsu, and neuromuscular therapies including myofascial release, trigger point therapy and soft tissue manipulation. She completed internships at the University of Colorado working with Division I athletes and an orthopedic rehabilitation center.

As a Bodyworker, her intention is to foster and facilitate the innate healing abilities in others and promote health and wellness in their lives. By integrating trigger point therapy, cupping, myofascial release, and soft tissue manipulation, she works to restore function, manage pain, and reduce stress, inflammation, and tension in the body.

Marissa adapts each session to the client’s specific needs and preferences. Offering a restorative, deeply relaxing, therapeutic massage.

LaRissa Hanson
LaRissa Hanson Sunriver
LaRissa specializes in focused deep tissue and total body relaxation Swedish massage. Her approach is intuitive and therapeutic.

She comes from a family of body workers and has always believed in the healing benefits of massage not only from chronic pain but for emotional mental well being. Her goal is to bring loving awareness to your body and mind through therapeutic touch.

Megan Romero
Megan Romero Bend & Sunriver
Megan obtained her massage license at Central Oregon’s premier massage therapy school Sage School of Massage in 2008. She carries advanced skills in Myofascial release, Aromatherapy, Ashiatsu barefoot massage, and has dedicated her practice to healing chronic and acute pain. Her work is deep, intentional, and very relaxing.
Erin Murphy-Driesen
Erin Murphy-Driesen Sunriver
Erin fell in love with massage over 12 years ago while having a conversation with a friend about the importance of human touch & how it’s lacking in our society. She soon quit her corporate job & moved to Hawaii to study the art of massage therapy. It was in Hawaii that she learned the importance of creating a sacred space for clients to heal.

Erin loves to combine many of the modalities she has learned over the years to customize every massage for each individual. A few of these modalities include Swedish, Deep Tissue, Hot Stone, Aromatherapy, LomiLomi, energy work, and Ashiatsu Barefoot Massage.

Vanessa Steele
Vanessa SteeleBend & Sunriver
Vanessa earned her massage diploma at the Costa Rica School of Massage Therapy. After many years dedicated to Oregon’s parks and outdoor education, she’s followed her other passion of helping people through massage therapy. After receiving a diverse and intense training in paradise, she has returned home to paradise in Oregon, to help in her community.Vanessa approaches each session with individualized intention, genuine care and positive energy, providing the time you need to relax, restore and revitalize.

Vanessa believes therapeutic touch is essential for wellness, healing and growth. She provides full body relaxation Swedish massage, myofascial release, trigger point therapy, craniosacral and bodywork for PTSD. Vanessa is also certified in Thai and Shiatsu and integrates these modalities into table massage treatments.

Best place to get a therapeutic massage. These ladies are educated in different techniques and always meet me where I’m at.

Jessica Maye
Jessica Maye Bend & Sunriver
Jessica specializes in focused deep tissue work and long, connective strokes. Her massages are deeply therapeutic, while also being profoundly relaxing and restorative.

Jessica became interested in massage after experiencing the transformative power of therapeutic massage as a client. After years of back pain that did not respond to treatment by doctors, chiropractors, physical therapists, or acupuncturists, it was therapeutic massage that finally corrected the underlying issues and ended her chronic pain.

As a bodyworker Jessica feels honored to work with her clients towards their own healing. Each body on her massage table is unique, special, valuable. Each body deserves to feel better and function better. Each body is cared for as if it were her own.

Jessica uses long strokes to connect different areas of the body, which helps balance the nervous system and imparts a state of deep relaxation. She calibrates her pressure to target specific muscles and melt out any tight bands, trigger points, or adhesions. She often uses hot stones to deliver penetrating heat that reduces pain and tightness while increasing circulation to an area. For areas with significant restriction she uses cupping to bring space back into the tissue and loosen adhesions, allowing muscles to regain independent function.

Desi Clark
Desi Clark Bend
As a graduate of Sage Massage Therapy School in Bend and 200hr Yoga Teacher training, Desi brings a deep therapeutic approach to massage. With a background in Back-country canoe guiding and professional sports, Desi knows the stress, strains and injuries that come with doing the things we love. This is what originally inspired Desi to advance her education in different modalities of healing the body.

Desi is also very passionate about incorporating all aspects of the body, mind, and spirit which leads her into continuing her education in holistic nutrition, energy therapies, and eastern approaches to bodywork. When booking a session with Desi you can expect a relaxing approach to deep tissue, attentive and intuitive care.

Lucca Brown
Lucca Brown Bend & Sunriver
Lucca was born and raised in Maui, HI, moved to Bend in his teens. Lucca fell in love with deep tissue massage while he was recovering from previous neck injuries that were provoked by training Jiu jitsu. The number one thing that helped Lucca’s injuries was Massage. He obtained his massage license at Central Oregon Community College in 2014. Lucca blends a number of techniques during his sessions such as Deep Tissue, Swedish and Thai Bodywork. His goal is to achieve client relaxation and pain relief.
Jill Cooper
Jill CooperBend
Nurturing and therapeutic, Jill’s sessions address the body as a whole and integrate specific deep tissue work with flowing relaxation. She has a strong grasp of anatomy and works together with her clients to get to the root of their discomfort.

Jill was trained in massage therapy at the Cortiva Institute in Seattle, The Costa Rica School of Massage, and Bastyr University. She also studied under Brian Utting in Seattle perfecting muscle specific deep tissue techniques.

Jill comes with great experience working with grief and emotional stress. She has an indepth understanding of the process massage therapy has for healing the emotional body and is able to hold space for the transformation.

As a mama of two kids herself, Jill loves working with prenatal clients helping to provide relief from all of the aches and pains that come from growing a human.

I scheduled a Sunday morning massage, mostly for relaxation, and Lucca did a wonderful job of asking questions, focusing on areas of concern, applying the right pressure, and even finding knots I didn’t know I had.

I’ve felt sore and almost sickly after some massages I’ve had in the past, but I felt fantastic after this massage and throughout the day.

I need massages more often!

Vanessa Rae
Vanessa Rae Sunriver
Following many years of ​outdoor-based jobs and ​community service programs across the United States, as well ​international travel​,​ including two years as a Peace Corps Volunteer in Madagascar, Vanessa earned her 800-hour massage diploma from​ ​East West College of the Healing Arts in Portland, Oregon.​ ​She spent extensive time studying kinesiology, deep tissue techniques, relaxation massage and Thai bodywork.

Vanessa deepened her studies in Thailand, where she became certified in Advanced Thai Massage at Loi Kroh Massage School. With a compassionate presence, Vanessa is dedicated to offering a space for every client to practice self-care, whether recovering from injury or healing emotionally.

On a personal note, Vanessa lives with a chronic autoimmune disorder and understands the challenges that come from bodies that don’t always work the way we wish they would.

Vanessa has spent many years living and working in wilderness settings and is an avid outdoor enthusiast, enjoying backpacking, hiking, boating, climbing and taking her puppy Gracie on all sorts of adventures.

She is delighted to meet each of her clients and support them in their journey.

Leydon Thornton
Leydon Thornton Bend
Leydon followed her deep connection with nature across the country, living in Colorado, Montana, and now beautiful Bend, Oregon. In college she studied the environment and worked on organic farms growing nutritious food. Hiking, swimming, and farming across the Rocky Mountains and Cascades instilled a deep appreciation for our natural rhythms and holistic well being in her heart. Her mission is to facilitate people’s connection to their natural rhythm and inner healer, so they can more fully embody their best selves.

She has always been attracted to natural and ancient medicines, but it was through her healing journey after a brain injury that she saw the amazing effects of massage therapy. She fell in love with the deeply intuitive and connected work of assisting people in pain reduction, improved posture/mobility, and balancing their nervous systems. Leydon combines deep tissue, relaxation, and energetic techniques to create a sacred space that allows the client to fully drop in.

Her specialty and passion is working with prenatal/postpartum clients. She is a trained Doula, although not currently practicing. She feels very connected to nurturing mamas during their biggest transitions. Leydon believes that when we are kind to ourselves, it is easier to be kind to the world around us.

Amber Barney
Amber Barney Bend
Amber earned her massage therapy certificate from Omaha School of Massage and Healthcare in January 2012 and has been practicing massage since. She believes massage found her and that it is truly her life’s work to heal with her hands. Her passion for healing comes through in each session and she is consistently learning more about massage, and specifically how our bodies hold onto trauma in physical ways.

Amber is very interested in learning as much as she can about the mind/body/spirit connection, which she believes to be the key to unlocking deeper healing in each person. Along with her desire to continually grow her strengths in massage she has several treatment modalities that she uses in sessions: Swedish massage, Deep Tissue massage, Thai massage, Sports massage, Prenatal massage, and Reiki healing.

Lisa (Barrie) Robbins
Lisa (Barrie) Robbins Bend
Barrie offers Therapeutic Relaxation Massage and Table Thai Yoga Massage.

Barrie has pursued extensive study in Traditional Thai Massage, Thai-Shiatsu, and the Trager Approach.

She has the ability to work sensitively and effectively with people with pain, trauma, injuries, surgeries, pain conditions, repetitive stress injuries, neuromuscular disorders, and stress disorders. She has also studied Chi Nei Tsang and often incorporates abdominal massage for its long reaching benefits on digestive, stress-related, and mobility issues.

Her style has evolved to incorporate gentle movement into most sessions, listening with her hands, and orienting toward ease. The result is effective, deep work that is enjoyable and pain-free to receive. Sessions are highly individualized and focused on restoring balance, alignment, mobility, and physical ease. She is described by clients as sensitive, intuitive, knowledgeable, and curious.

Jessica was receptive to my needs, listened closely when I told her how my EDS is affected by massage, communicated with me throughout my massage to make sure she was meeting my disability needs, and answered all of my questions.

The atmosphere is very pleasant, relaxing, and can be catered to anyones liking.

I will certainly be returning!